Syrian Music Preservation Initiative

Logo Calligraphy and Design: Mouneer Al-Shaarani

It is with great honor and appreciation that we share the logo of Takht al-Nagham created by celebrated Syrian artist Mouneer al-Shaarani, one of the Arab world’s leading calligraphers. An apprentice of master calligrapher of Greater Syria, Badawi al-Derani (1894-1967), al-Shaarani promotes a profound legacy as an artist, scholar, critic, and researcher. He works to refine many calligraphy styles; also, to resurrect and reinvent forgotten ones.

In addition, al-Shaarani is one of a few artists to free Arabic calligraphy from the confines of religious texts. His art evokes universal themes such as humanity and wisdom derived from Arabic culture and literature; and moves beyond them by addressing the current challenges facing the Syrian people and the broader Arab world.

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