Syrian Music preservation initiative

The "Syrian Music Preservation Initiative" is committed to preserving the classical music of Syria and it's historical music traditions of Aleppo, the musical capital of Syria. Due to the catastrophic destruction and ongoing war activity in Aleppo, virtually all musical expression, art creation and preservation of traditions have been superseded by the fundamental instincts of survival. With mass evacuations and an exodus unlike any seen since WWII, the time to act is now to keep the music from becoming obsolete. Our organization was founded to help preserve and protect the musical traditions that formed the origins and musical foundations of what we know today as "Classical Arabic Music".

Verbal histories of many cultures have been transcribed and translated, and by these efforts, have helped rescue these verbal accounts for posterity. The vast majority of Aleppian/Syrian musical histories have not been transcribed, are mostly in Arabic, and have mostly gone unrecorded. The "greatest hits" of classical Arabic music do not fully represent the complete music, and cultural heritage that needs to be rescued. The conservatory (Arabic Music Institute) in Aleppo was the last bastion of pure, unadulterated preservation of Syrian music. Due to the horrific bombing and destruction of Aleppo, (and the conservatory) and since all of their musical scholars have scattered across the globe, most of these records are in severe jeopardy, and limited in their availability to historians and conservationists.

Through the archiving, educating, & performing of Syrian music theory, the project aims to educate & celebrate Syrian Classical music while simultaneously serving as a source of pride for all Americans of Arab heritage. Pride is an essential element that draws in a new generation towards the eventual goal of maintaining and conserving this music. With these traditions, we not only preserve Syrian culture but we also place the Syrian American experience in context with the greater American narrative, a narrative of striving refugees building new lives and contributing to a new country while cherishing and preserving their cultural identity.

In order to pursue new paths quickly and efficiently, the Syrian Music Preservation Initiative seeks collaboration with other artists and musicians.

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