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Aleppian classical music

  • Alwan for the Arts 16 Beaver Street New York, NY, 10004 United States (map)

Alwan for the Arts presents a concert of Aleppian classical music with Syrian vocalist Wajdi Ayoub and Takht Al-Nagham. The concert will feature a repertoire of Muwashahat, Mawawil, Qasa’ed, and Qudud, as well as instrumental improvisations. 

Wajdi Ayoub is a very well-established Syrian vocalist who specializes in the classical Arabic repertoire, with a focus on the Egyptian dawr genre and the Andalucian Muwashahat genre that is the musical hallmark of the city of Aleppo. Ayoub was born in Aleppo, Syria, and started to sing and play the Oud at an early age. He was a student of Abdel-Qader Hajjar and Kamel Bassal (both students of sheikh Omar Al-Batsh, a prolific composer of Muwashahat) and of Safwan Al-Abed. Ayoub performed many concerts at the Citadel of Aleppo, both as a solo artist and as part of Sabah Fakhri’s ensemble. Since he relocated to the United States late 2016, Ayoub has been a regular performer and voice teacher. 

Takht Al-Nagham is a New York-based ensemble founded by Syrian violinist Samer Ali, that treasures the sound of an Arabic Takht (Arabic chamber group) and is committed to performing the classical Arabic repertoire with traditional and acoustic instruments. The word “Nagham” means melody/tune in Arabic, but is also used as a synonym to the Arabic Maqam system which is the foundation and main focus of the ensemble’s repertoire.  

Takht al-Nagham includes the following members:

Violin I: Samer Ali

Violin II: Muhammad Abdullah

Oud: Rachid Halihal

Qanun: Firas Zreik

Riq: Johnny Farraj

Tabla: Rami el-Asser

Double bass: John Murchison

Chorus: Fouad Salloum, Emad Botros, Salah Zane

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Background Photo: Awj Ensemble @ Danish Institute (Beit Al-Aqqad) - Old City of Damascus, Syria, 2010

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