Samer Ali is an Arabic music violinist. A native of Syria, he resides in New York City and is the founder of Takht Al-Nagham. He currently performs with the National Arab Orchestra.

Samer began studying western classical violin at the age of eight with Fawaz Al-Ali, and later pursued intensive conservatory studies with Ali Mukhtar Babayev.

Samer studied the Arabic violin and classical music traditions with Ali Farran and Ziad Ajjan (both are students of composer and scholar Mahmoud Ajjan), Simon Shaheen, Anwar Hariri, and Muhammad Qadri Dalal.


Samer co-founded the Awj Arab music ensemble in Damascus, Syria in 2007, and performed with the Ugarit Ensemble, and the Orchestra of the Bronx.

In 2010, Samer was featured by Moncef Genoud at the Damascus Opera House. He worked with musicians in the US and Syria, including Khaleel Haj Hussein, Ramez Khaskiyya, Bassam Saba, and Michel Merhej Baklouk.

Samer received his M.D. from Tishreen University, and is currently a resident physician at Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan, New York.



Photographer: Hanna Madbak